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[Photo] Hara for W magazine May 2013 issue


[Trans] Hara’s message to DC Hara & 하라구.com

Goo Hara Gallery♡.♡
You are being my silent readers many times, ain’t you haha However worry NO NO NO!! Just trust me kk Why do you worry~ Relax♡
Thank you for always taking care of me~ Let walk forward together again without any worry!!
Have a warm Spring~♡

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Hi nice to meet you nice to see you ♡
Thank you for not forgetting me but always taking care of me TT_TT I’m sorry…for always only receiving from you guys TT TT huhu~ It’s alright if you don’t give me this!! I can just receive your love. Thank you, everyone, all the time ♡.♡
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Source: DC HARA & 하라구.com
Thanks xixiLi3 for the tip.

I haven’t visited DC Gallery for a long time but from what i know from fan accounts, celebrities often get scared of DC because it’s quite complicated and such. So when people from DC Gallery go to see their idol, they worry that their idol might avoid them or not be comfortable around them if their idol know they are from DC gallery. That’s why you see Hara kept telling members from DC don’t worry, relax, trust her… In fact, Hara was used to get scared of DC as well, but it was so long ago when she first made her debut. After that, I saw Hara was indeed comfortable with DC gallery members from all fan accounts i have read. She’s so cool you know!!

Just a short explaination in case you wonder why.

[Trans] How Korean showbiz insiders think of Hara (Part 01)

I was scared when i saw Jessica soooo skinny back then
but Goo Hara was just simply skinny when she was born.
I meant like her bone was small, her hands and legs were long, her face was small.., and there was no dislike feeling haha
The first time when i saw Goo Hara, the first thing catched my eyes was the long straight hair of that attractive girl
(It couldn’t show on the photo though;)
She was short but her face basically was really small so everything looked totally well-proportioned.
And also she looked absolutely perfect when she wore high heels.
Goo Hara worked hard when we took photo and also did well when we interviewed (I love you!)
People who made their debut when they were young often acted so arrogant and usually kept the thought that they were celebrity, but Hara was not like that. Because of that, she was more beautiful.
[Nylon editor Jung Soohyun - February 2010]

She brings out the feeling of both Namie Amuro and Lee Hyori.
[Stylist Kim Woori - 2013]

If you look at Goo Hara in real life, she is beautiful like a fairy. When we take photoshoot, she looks kinda unreal because her eyes are so big. We have to make her eyes look smaller carefully.
[Stylist Han Hyeyeon - Special lecture at Seoul Art College / April 2014]


And by the way i am translating, i also re-post what i have translated back then but also have the same topic as the above translations.

Talking about Goo Hara, she is an icon of opposition. She owned the attraction like an overambitious cat on stage when she was a cool Asia Hallyu idol; she did not mind wearing baggy clothes when appeared on variety shows and still was confident to make jokes with her immature gag; the more we watched her drama, the more we uttered nothing else but a praise “She is really beautiful, like a doll.”, she made people lose their mind by her appearance. Within one word, she could become sexy, and innocent; and it seemed like there was nothing impossible for her to do, even the funny girl who could make people laugh because of her gag. Now when we are looking back, we see that she was different in every field she does.
[Cosmopolitan editor Lee Hyunjung - August 2013]

With her totally no make-up bare face, Goo Hara has arrived on set. And when we first saw her, she did not look like a girl but a kid. She made us smile that motherly smile unexpectedly. And the story kept going with proposals from our hair and make-up artists. “She is really beautiful! I definitely want to work with her,” they said. She made people feel sympathy with her just by her existence.
[Elle editor Kang Okjin - April 2013]

The owner of those shining bright eyes without any tired complexion, she has overwhelmed the studio atmosphere by her cheerfulness and lively energy. She was wearing an over-sized long t-shirt along with her denim shorts, her hand was holding a canvas bag that was as huge as her height, and when she appeared, I could not help but felt that she resembled a main character in comic books because of her little figure. Despite the tiring dance practice last night, she still smiled sweetly all the time, it was indeed her own charm. But above all, what made me most impressed about this girl from the day she debuted until now is that her innocence and passion were still the same as the first day.
[Elle editor Baek Jiyeon- September 2012 ]


[Trans] Hara’s Farewell Message to her classmates

To: My Dearest Friends,

My dear friends, admission has been yesterday’s story. It’s already time to graduate.
So little time remaining, let’s make our last good time together at the trip. I’ve learned a lot from you guys during the time we spent together.
I think I should have done even better to you all. I should try to be a wonderful person, shouldn’t I?
So, Goodbye!

Source: DCKara
Translated by aank1 @

I read it again today and found it so cute ;__;
Can’t help but post again~♥

[Fanmade] Hara x Jiyoung - Wanna Do

Just a fanmade i have just made and want to share. Have fun watching~ (:

[Trans] 140413 - Hara’s message to Miracle


All members of Miracle family hahaha Good night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are goodnight photos for you guys* hahahaha

About the size of photos…. Don’t be shocked, don’t feel uncomfortable hahaha

Don’t tease me…because it’s all natural……..ha


OMG I LOVE HERRRRR~♥ She is so cute hahahaha I like the 3rd sentence, at first she didn’t use the honorific (YO) but at the end of the sentence, she added YO after a line of dots kkk so naughty hahaha It’s also the way she often talks to her older friend like Kim Shinyoung… We can see that she is being comfortable to fans~♥

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[Fanpic] 120805 - Leaving SBS Inkigayo by ELCY


[Photo] 140411 - Hara with Gain at DEFAYE BLACK event
These pretty girls!! My pretty girls attend 21 Defaye lauching! Hara looks like American cat and Gain looks like Oriental cat~~ Pretty pretty #Gain #Goo Hara #21Defaye #Chungdamdong #Celebrating party

[Photo] 140411 - Hara with Gain at DEFAYE BLACK event

These pretty girls!! My pretty girls attend 21 Defaye lauching! Hara looks like American cat and Gain looks like Oriental cat~~ Pretty pretty #Gain #Goo Hara #21Defaye #Chungdamdong #Celebrating party